About us

How We Work?

Ready _

We are technically, organizationally and administratively ready to take on all of our scope of services. By applying the latest tech solutions via stable partners and innovative employees to a traditionally old school business, Raise Reach is able to deliver better solutions for the clients we engage with, leaving all of them happy as a clam.

Aim _

Our experience has taught us that money likes speed. Analytics without action will result in nothing, leaving you at square one. We use high tech solutions to constantly “sharpen the saw” during your marketing campaigns and ultimately get your offer to the right investor at the right time. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Fire _

We evaluate every campaign, big and small, and improve our aim as we continue firing. Our marketing strategies are built on a foundation of AI (artificial intelligence) & big data and we understand the behaviors and whereabouts of your ideal investors. Our internet marketing knowledge gives you the confidence we got you covered.


Our Business Model

The idea behind Raise Reach™ is to combine traditional corporate finance with high tech IT solutions. In the oppsosite of a traditional corporate finance firm we are working more integrated with the customer and uses our huge network within the business to reach excellent results. The combination of traditional corporate finance and fin-tech solutions is the key to success!
We are focused in the Nordics and the Baltics but the whole globe is our working area, our resources, network and customers are located all over the world.

It´s very common that we partner up on some level with our customers, we believe that it´s a key factor for success to have a common target and that all parts do have some ”skin in the game”.


What We Do?