Raise Reach

Why should I join and become Raise Reach?

As a registered member of Raise Reach you will have pre-information on upcoming IPO:s before all others. You will get invites to road-shows, webinars newsletters and much more. Raise Reach is a strongly growing closed community for early investments in upcoming ventures.

As a registered member you have access to members area vid your own personalized dashboard with information from Raise Reach as well as financial news from all over the world.

All this for free, there are absolutely no cost for being a Raise Reach.

Merger and acquisition


Raise Reach works as consultants in structural corporate transactions.
The service includes all parts of a structural transaction

Write ups of agreements

Scouting target companies

Write ups of agreements

We are able to assist you the whole way through the transaction and can also act as a principal in the transaction. Raise Reach is always interested in companies struggling with failed businesses, weak organizations etc.

Share Issuance


We do have a very strong database with potential investors, both individuals and institutional investors as well as strong connections to securities brokerage companies and crowd funding companies. We do have a more than 20 years of experience in share issuing in-house, including all types of share issuing methods, private placements, acquiring, public offers, convertible debentures, corporate bonds, shareholder spread and much more.

By combining traditional and legally binding rules with the latest technology in digitalized marketing and subscription technics, we create extremely cost efficient campaigns with excellent accuracy.

We make sure to direct your share offering to the right audience of investors with excellent documented accuracy.

Stock Exchange Listing


Our expertise is helping all kinds of companies to enter the regulated stock market. It´s a long and complicated road to navigate when entering a stock exchange as a listed company- and every stock exchange has its own market rules to comply with when being listed. We lead our clients by the hand, find the best exchange for their business model, and take them across the finish line. We’ve helped companies list on some of the worlds largest exchanges as well as some of the smaller lists as well- we will work with you to determine your needs and only then present the best solution for your business.



Our strongest advantage is the new way of thinking in marketing strategies. In our databases with potential investors we focus on business intelligence and categorizing potential investors to reach the right audience for each campaign. We combine that with traditional digital marketing, presentations on investor meetings, local ads in newspapers and sending out investing offers by post. All marketing is custom made to fit your campaign as good as possible.

Projects Set-Up


We are experts in project management!

The key factor for success in any corporate finance case is to have a firm and realistic project plan.

We will help to define a target, needed resources and a timeline for the project.

In most cases customers coming in at a very late stage and when it´s really about survival of a customer we can surely do panic campaigns as well, but the best result with largest benefit for the customer comes with a complete project plan and dedicated customers.

Every project differs from the other due to the fact that the expected result differs, as a customer you will have a custom made project plan for your needs.

You will have a dedicated and experienced project manager for your project as a customer with Raise Reach™

Creating Investment Offers


One of the most crucial parts of a fund raising campaign is to create an attractive investment offer. It should not only be attractive but also be legally compliant, which at times can be quite difficult to do both at the same time. Thankfully, we have done hundreds if not thousands of pitches over the years and understand how to manage this balancing act.

We can assist and support you in every phase of your offer creation whether you want to do it yourself or leave it to us. Our library of legal documents and resource rich templates allow you to hit the ground running with an attractive offer that also has you compliant each step of the way.

Investor Relations Services


Whether your company is going to the stock exchange or not, the company is never stronger than its shareholders. Beside the legal requirements as a public company it´s extremely important to have a good relationship with your shareholders, as they are your best advocates for the company. We offer a broad spectra within IR Services, all from our proprietary electronic shareholders list, support with press releases, agents for filing reports, newsletters, arranging annual meetings or other shareholders meetings IRL or via webinars. Shortly put, we keep you compliant with both your regulatory demands and with your shareholders at a level that you decide.

Organizational Recruitment


Sometimes customers choose i.e. to list a company on a stock exchange, which is not in the origin country, most common the customer need recruitment of resources like board members, auditors, office address, accounting firms etc.

We do have a broad network of resources and knows where to start finding such resources.